Sunday, April 19, 2009

I need new cute winter boots. Help anyone? (10 points!)?

I%26#039;m looking for new winter boots. But not Uggs, I think they make girls feet look like ducks haha. But I%26#039;m looking for something similar, but cute and stylish. I want them to be warm as well, so fur on the inside is preferable.

any links or anything? i%26#039;m completely lost. i%26#039;ve been to bakers, macys, lord and taylors, nine west, aldo, everywhere. help!

I need new cute winter boots. Help anyone? (10 points!)?

Here are some you may like!

Hope you likes one of them! And there are different colors available for some of them.

Good Luck!
Reply:omg i just seen these yesterday and i really want them, but cannot afford them right now

if you dont like those, try the other ones on the skechers website!
Reply:try going here sometimes they have a lot of cute boots there.....good luck!!

here is a link hope this helps!
Reply:I got mine at Aeropostale%26#039;. But idk if that was a one time chance or anything.

Maybe this helped?
Reply:uggs are so out.

try nordstroms or neimans

hope this helps! also, go to!
Reply:Get Uggs they are soooo comfotorble
Reply:here are some links!

They come in diff colors~!~
Reply:deff get uggs i think there soo cute and they come in different styles or coach boats or juicy couture boots

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