Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm really nervous about going on my first date tomorrow?

well i got this date tomorrow i will be wearing a brown skirt and brown tie up top (ties at the frount) with a light pink long sleeved top under and light brown fur boots ... but the only problem now is the hair and makeup ..... thats were you can come in and help lol im so nervous ... tips and sujestions please xx ( pics if the help :%26gt; )

I%26#039;m really nervous about going on my first date tomorrow?
the key to night make-up is just doing your normal day make-up but heavier... you can just use that

i suggest you stay away from pink or brown eye shadow just becuse it would be too much with your all ready brown%26amp;pink outfit.

go with a natural look, foundation and bronzers and use a dark brown eye liner around the eyes.

if you have brown eyes, use silver shadow in the middle of your eye lids just to make the colour you pick pop out more
Reply:The key is to not completely change your look. This guy obviously likes the way you look right now, so don%26#039;t make any drastic changes. Play up your best features, such as your eyes or lips. Also consider the lighting you will be in. If you are going to a movie theatre or a dim restaurant, your makeup should be strong enough that it still shows up. Or don%26#039;t wear an eyeshadow that is over-the-top shimmery. If you have oily skin, don%26#039;t try to make your face completely matte. Heavily powdered skin looks harsh at nighttime; your skin should have a soft glow. For your hair, just wear it natural or slightly wavy/curly. Definitely wear it down. Guys love that.

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