Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Should i get a pair of EMU boots??

I can%26#039;t really afford Ugg boots for $200.....so i%26#039;m planning to get a pair of black Emu boots for $100. The fur inside the black Uggs are black, but the fur inside the black Emus are white?? I don%26#039;t really like the Emu boots because of that, but i don%26#039;t really have a choice being it%26#039;s already been snowing for the past week and i need boots! Should i get them???


(They%26#039;re mid-calf length)

Should i get a pair of EMU boots??
ya sure i like them
Reply:Of course, the Emu Boots will have a duel purpose, they will keep your feet warm as well as smooth when the Emu oil starts to come out.
Reply:no, everyone is wearing uggs/emu boots. it just becoming tacky. and when the trend ends its money down the drain.

good luck :)
Reply:Totally. My friend has them and they are cute with like jeans or something.

i%26#039;d get the dark brown,

but the black is nice too.



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