Friday, July 31, 2009

Why does T-pain repeat everything in the song "Low"?

apple jeans, JEANZ! boots with the fur, THE FUR! seee repeated! HE PUT THE N in Ignant! ( ignorant)

Why does T-pain repeat everything in the song "Low"?
everyone does in the chorus
Reply:He sings the whole chorus. As for why he repeats what he says, I'm not sure. I guess...for emphasis? Bleh.
Reply:It's the chorus. The chorus is supposed to be repeated.
Reply:It's Rap...

It's all repeated

or substituted for another word that rhymes wit it

Reply:cause hes gay and he stole my damn meatwad hat
Reply:its only a couple of things and its a corus plus its rap but its a bangin good song son
Reply:idk cuz thats

its funny how everyone thinks its t-pains song

when its flo rida's
Reply:because he's repetitive

and annoying as hell.

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