Saturday, July 25, 2009

Did you know that Canada has resumed killing baby seals for their fur?

If you have ever seen a video of a baby seal being killed you would never forget it. Baby seals are almost white and they cannot swim after they are first born for the first few weeks of life and so are sitting ducks for men that club them in the heads and then start skinning them while they are still crying. The articule I read in Thursdays paper said that because of thinning ice there are many fewer babies that have been able to survive anyways and that the first phase of the kills they only killed 860 babies and normally it would have been thousands more. They plan to continue to kill these babies for boots, hats, etc. Oh and while they are killing the babies the mothers are frantically jumping around yelping because they cannot protect their babies. If fewer babies are surviving what is Canada thinking..........they leave the meat and intestines laying in the snow and the mothers willl lay next to it for sometime grieving.....What do you think we the people can do?

Did you know that Canada has resumed killing baby seals for their fur?
I hate it when people are fighting and I'm the only one that sees both sides or the story.

now the seal hunt needs to stop, =because globule worming. now on that most of globule warming is from volcano's not people but still 10 or 15 % is not helping. and PETA is over reacting only because it gets peoples attention to a problem that is not that bad but people should not ignore. and saying people having a living is over putting it. why can't they just come here and sell drugs and make the same money? its not any legal-er then killing seals but its hurting the ones who buy it not an animal that can't make a damn choice. all of you have a good point to say but you are overreacting to each other!

the seal might be alive but yes most likly that is just a nerve pauls. if you've ever cooked frog legs 9nasty but true and good for you) they hop/swim in the pan but there not on the frog. same thing.

PETA could just put websites like this on to make there point. then the hunters could show pictures of starving family's. so whats the point?

I say save the seals only because there gods animals and like air pollution should at lest be slowed down.
Reply:Almost none of this is correct. The first answer says the seal hunt is on the west coast.....Newfoundland is as far EAST as you can go!

Young seals are not killed.

Its a ploy to call seals 'babies' instead of seals. What about veal? What about pigs? What about chickens?

People in the north have hunted seals for thousands of years.

Circle of life
Reply:Mind your own business.These men are not animals they have been earning a living doing this for generations,this is the way they feed there wives and kids,most seal hunters are from the west cost of Canada ,it is not a very wealthy part of Can like Toronto or Vancouver.the govt already told these people they cant fish for a living any more because of (international) over fishing in Can. waters .so you go Tell those men who already have very little that they wont be able to pay there bills or feed there children or keep them warm when the temp drops to -30 and it often does in Newfoundland you tell them that or better yet worry about your country I'm sure you have problems of your own you could be fixing
Reply:Cripes.... where do I start?

First: It's been illegal to kill baby seals ... 'whitecoats' since 1987. You're 20 years out of date.

Second: despite the numbnuttery conjured up by PETA and their moronic ilk, seals are not being skinned alive. Just like the flapping and running around that a decapitated chicken goes through, the seals thrashing around after a fatal brain injury is a reflex action. Read this: It's a report from the Canadian Veterinary Journal proving that the methods used to kill seals is efficient and humane.

Third: thinning ice does not mean no ice. If the seals cannot find suitable ice floes for whelping, then they go ashore.

Fourth: seal meat isn't left on the ice. It's sold for human and animal consimption.

Fifth: Look up anthropomorphizing. Seals mourning. What a maroon!


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