Saturday, July 25, 2009

I don't know what to wear help !!!!!!! ??

1) jeans and high cowboy boots with a brown fur coat

2)cream ugg boots and fur coat with jeans

3)cream ugg boots and fur coat with brown velvet pants

4)white mini skirt and flats with a white/pink hood thing lol

ps - its for my friends coming around (old friends well age 20 lol not old in that way) thanks

I don't know what to wear help !!!!!!! ??
number 4 !!!

good luck !
Reply:My 13 year old daughter said wear a white mini skirt with brown cowboy boots and a brown fur coat.
Reply:#2 Sounds the most comfortable and stylish to me!
Reply:the "cream ugg boots and the fur coat with jeans"

it's what i wear sometimes. ^.^
Reply:how about..

white mini skirt with black top will look awesome..

top with a pink hood jacket..

cream ugg boots..a fabulous bag..and your good to go..
Reply:numbers 2 or 4! they would look sooo cute!!

have fun w/ ur friends!

hope i helped!! =]
Reply:Number 2 sounds best =] Uggs and a fur coat pretty much sum up cute winter style.
Reply:definitely number 1. Ugg boots are SO last year. Jeans and boots are a classic and the fur coat adds wintry charm!!
Reply:2)cream ugg boots and fur coat with jeans. that looks cute.
Reply:#2 is great cuz its really cute. i would say u should wear number 4 but since ur freind is twenty i am assuming u are older too(like more mature, a women)so #4 isn't really appropriate for ur age. anyway, have fun!! and once again SO cute!
Reply:"1) jeans and high cowboy boots with a brown fur coat" sounds good. High cowboy boots look better than Uggs. I don't know where you live, but it might be a bit cold for a mini skirt and flats.
Reply:No. 4.

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