Saturday, July 25, 2009

Low by Flo Rida ?

does the chorus not make sense to anyone else but me?

they say this girl has applebottom jeans, and boots with fur.

and then in the second part of the chorus, they say she has baggy pants and reboks.

i dont get it, ahaha.

anyone else with me?

Low by Flo Rida ?
Do those rap/hip-hop (and pop, come to think about it) songs ever make any sense? :-P

People don't care, they just wanna shake their booty, and if it sells, the record companies don't care's the same with movies unfortunately...
Reply:I don't get how that song became popular to begin with. But if those are the lyrics they may have been talking about two different women or the same woman in different instances. I don't know don't get me lying.
Reply:i think they're talking about 2 different people

but yeah dumb lyrics anyway, its just a club song
Reply:i think the 2nd part was talking about himself..."I got my baggy pants %26amp; the reeboks with the straps, I turned around %26amp; gave that big booty a slap"........think he was talkin bout his own fit.....EITHER WAY THAT SONG IS FRIKKIN' HORRIBLE %26amp; A DISGRACE TO HIP-HOP LOL
Reply:hahahah You have no brain
Reply:talkin bout 2 different girls i guess
Reply:Don't all Commercial rappers make no sense?
Reply:I doesn't make sense at all, does it?

It's terribly sad how everyone thinks it's such a good song....
Reply:I totally agree with you. There is rap with meaning, and there is nonsense rap. Nonsense rap is like Flo Rida, Hurricane Chris, Lil Wayne, and Soulja Boy. As catchy as the song is, it's nasty and annoying. So it's no surprise that the chorus is going to be nonsense and whack. Just listen to the song if you like it, the lyrics are going to be stupid.
Reply:flo rida doesnt make any sense to me at all period. he's a retarded idiot
Reply:its duffle bottom jeans

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