Saturday, July 25, 2009

How would you describe my style?

Example Outfit 1:

Black top layered over long sleeved black top

Black lacey skirt

Brown/Orange striped leggings

Black skull print legwarmers

Brown faux fur/suede boots

Example Outfit 2:

Black long sleeved top

Purple and black sweater dress

Black skinny jeans

Black furry boots to my knees.

How would you describe my style?
Your own unique style. Thats who you are, you are not preppy, emo, goth , or whatever. You are your own style.
Reply:sounds like to much black to me.

layering a black top over a black top?

and then purple and orange

it aint halloween anymore

my guess is your emo

but over all i really dont care because im not the one to be judjing you i tinhk that if ur happy with that so am I! also depends on what kind of makeup you wear and how you do your hair but maybe...updated punk...or punk-goth
Reply:Florescent goth? The opposite of preppy? Fashion forward goth?I dont know if anyone could take an accurate guess unless they saw your picture, not just the description.
Reply:out fit one gothy emo edy

oufit two. Classy ect
Reply:Alternative. It's a horribly overused label, but not too specific so it can be used to describe many things.

Call it whatever you want. I guess punk would work, definitely edgy, dark.

You have good taste!
Reply:its you your style is you lol
Reply:Outfit 1: Emo

Outfit 2: Trendy
Reply:very colorful likes to dress with contrast its unusual but whatever works for you
Reply:Outfit 1: goth or emo

Outfit 2: more trendy

All together: goth cuz of all the black and dark colors
Reply:I live in camden town and I would say... 15yearold nightmare before christmas/ minigoth. We see lots of it!


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