Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is this a new fashion trend?

I was walking between classes on this warm day. I saw a few girls in shorts and skirts that looked normal. I also saw a lot of girls that wore athletic (sweat type) shorts with those fur lined boots from this winter.

I saw this and thought it was not good looking at all. Is this gonna be a fashion trend?

Is this a new fashion trend?
In high school its really big. Either girls wear comfortable shorts with furry boots or uggs or they tuck in sweat pants. Mostly becuase they think it looks good and those shoes are wicked confortable so those plus sweatpants is like walking around in PJs and slippers
Reply:ew i hope not!!! but no it isnt
Reply:i hope not, they look lazy even if they might be comfotable they still look like they ran outside with out looking at what they were wearing!

lol Kzz
Reply:i hope not i think it looks rly retarted
Reply:Only for high school girls...I've seen a lot of it in Dallas...never anyone over 18. And the boots are called Uggs.
Reply:oranges are quite a tasty fruit
Reply:This was something that started in SoCal several years ago. It's slowly starting to carry on to other locations. It didn't look good then and it doesn't now. Those girls need help!
Reply:H-E- double hocky stick NO that sound so dam ugly
Reply:I hope not.

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