Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fashion mistake or not?

ok, so i got this black winter jacket and i got these black fur like boots to match with it. the thing is i kinda forgot i have alot of light colored jeans and to be honest im not use to seeing black jacket, lights colored jeans and black boots. im use to the light colors. alot of my clothes are also pastel color and light colored jeans. according to you, is it a fashion mistake? should i switch to white jacket and boots, or go keep it as it is for a change? does back really go with EVERYTHING?

Fashion mistake or not?
Black goes with any color because it is a neutral, and you can mix neutrals with any color. I would keep them because black is a good color as it doesn't show dirt easily. If you have fashion questions go to the What Not To Wear website:
Reply:it depends on what you think not what others think so you really didnt need to post this question
Reply:keep everything! its definetely a fashion do! just dont wear the jacket and the boots together, too much fur and just too much. the black boots will look fabulous with the light jeans and the jacket with the jeans too. pastel colors are great and like if you were to wear black clothes with black boots, then you might look goth, so its a good thing that you have black bcuz if you had lighter boots and wore pastels, it would just look too like light and like "carltonish" from the fresh ok so weird fact, but its true and thats what best describes it
Reply:then wear something else
Reply:Depends on the tint of shade of what it is you're wearing. You have to try it out, and look in the mirror.

Hmmm.... I do feel as if you'd do well to get some black jeans, or black corduroy trousers or some black skirt.

White would be good too, with what you have already.
Reply:Everything sounds so matchy - matchy. Return either the boots or the jacket and get something that goes together, but not just by color. Try spending less on one jacket, buy two jackets instead so you can more colors and styles to work with.

Then you will look great no matter what you wear.
Reply:No brown NEVER goes with black. But light colored jeans are fine.
Reply:hey i think it will go fine black goes with everything go for it you cant go wrong!!!!!
Reply:what you have is fine
Reply:BLACK goes with eveeerrrrryyy goes great with both...why are you worrying? it would look perfect with pastel colored shirts and light jeans...your mistake,just work it girl!
Reply:what you have is fine if you like it. look in the mirror. don't look at how you "look", look at how you FEEL. does it make you feel confidant? i think clothes looking good is more about the fit than the color. it might be cute to go all light with the jacket and pants, but i wouldn't recommend white boots-- they'll end up looking grungy. good luck !
Reply:be happy with what you have
Reply:Okay first of all, someone recomended you get black jeans which havn't been popular since the 80's, and are not coming back any time soon. bad advice, please don't take it.

as for your jeans, i think you should get some darker jeans especially if you are planning on tucking them into your boots. dark denim is very popular right now, but don't get to dark, you don't want to look to monocromatic.

you could get everything white, but i have a white jacket and boots and i have to say i very seldomly wear them, for fear of getting them dirty.

just remember pastels are nice in the spring but in the winter i would stick with darker colors.

good luck!
Reply:NO its not a fashion mistake. I love wearing black jackets and blue jeans and black boots i feel special LOL and it actually does match

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