Saturday, July 25, 2009

Im look ing for some stylish boots that arnt high heel..?

do you know any stores that have them like with faux fur and stuff that would be in a mall

Im look ing for some stylish boots that arnt high heel..?
YES sorry i know exactly what youre talking about ok i have 2 pairs of knee-high boots one pair is red and its from delias go there! its awsome click on shoes and go to the boots they cost like 60 dollars and my other ones are brown/black just super super super dark brown suede from a shoe store called aldo and they were $130 yeah im only 13 so yeah but i love kitten heels! delias is in the mall well at the galleria mall as far as i know and the aldos are in the mall.

theres a store called asos or something like that in my area. I live in beverly hills so yeah everything is like in style i hate it everyone dresses the same or like paris hilton and nicole richie

yeah theres a bunch of cool stores in beverly hills
Reply:you can to pay less or shoes land
Reply:well i think payless has a lot.but there shoes don't last long.cosco has them...well thats where i got mine 2 years ago and i still have them!!!!!!!! macys,jcpenny,nordstrom,boscoves ,delias,alloy....
Reply:try payless shoes or any of the shoe outlets


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