Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do you like these boots?

Here is the link:

What do you think about them?

What color is the best?

And you can fold the top of the shoe over to make a fur border thing.

Do you like these boots?
I love those boots!

My favorite color is the plaid!

It makes them unique and The hearts are a special touch!

I love them so much. You should buy them right away. I love the originality of the plaid. It takes a classic winter style and adds your own detail!
Reply:Black: Ugly

Brown: Pretty, but not buying worthy

Gray: Same thing as Brown

Multi: Pretty if folded over, maybe buy worthy if I had the money

Natural: Ugly
Reply:well they look just like uggs, or the knock offs they sell at they are cute, very in this winter season.
Reply:I am not really fond of that boot, but if you like it that's all that matters.

i like the grey and natural colors the best

You should get them. =)

Reply:I really like those boots. My favourite colour is the red and black stripes. But my second fave is the grey.
Reply:They're really cute!

I like the plaid ones the most, but they probably won't match with anything.

So I'd say the light tan ones.
Reply:i think they're nice... but they look like a cheap pair of uggs, sorry to say.
Reply:On the front, they look ok, but on the side, sorry but it's so ugly. And it's faux suede so not good material for 50$...which is a waste of a good 50$.
Reply:they are cute, but only with the right outfit. you should probably get light jeans ((NOT dark)) and tuck them in, and some sort of hoodie and layered outfit from aeropostale, and you can't over accessorize! you need to post the outfit you are wearing it with to see if they really would look good!
Reply:They're cute, but I would reccomend getting a pair at Wal Mart or Target for 30 bucks cheaper, same material and probably the same quality.

Reply:i think they are OK but i've seen like 5 ppl at my school with those already.

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