Saturday, July 25, 2009

Does making ugg boots hurt animals?

i love wearing mine and my mom told me that the sheep don't get hurt and they just shave them which neds to be done when the fur gets long. is that true? are they made of leather also? PLEASE answer me truthfully because i won't by them anymore if they hurt animals for them.

Does making ugg boots hurt animals?
they probably named the shoes after the sound the animals they used (for the shoes) make.
Reply:I think uggs are cute but , they do hurt the sheep I dont buy them because of the cruelty towrads the sheep Report It

Reply:there are ugg boots made from faux fur, but yes when they are made from sheep fur they are hurt
Reply:It might if they have leather, but the sheep fur or whatever doesn't hurt them.
Reply:Sheering a sheep doesnt hurt him
Reply:Pshft it has leather in it and it doesn't hurt sheep. But honestly who cares about leather. I %26lt;3 Uggs :)
Reply:The outside of an Ugg boot is Suede. Don't you know that suede is leather? The sheepskin part didn't hurt the sheep, but leather has to come from a dead animal. Do you never wear leather shoes, belts, handbags?
Reply:they have leather in says it on the tag i the inside of the boot
Reply:no. Your mom is right. they shear the sheep when its time and then they sell it to the ugg companies i guess and then they use it on their shoes. So your fine.
Reply:Ugg boots are made of sheep SKIN. meaning; they kill the sheep, strip off their skin and throw it into a pile which turns into UGG BOOTS. and they don't do it gently. it's extremely violent (I"ve seen the Peta Video) and horrible, the sheep basically bleed to death while hanging from the ceiling as to not soil their fur. It is a slow and painful death.

.........DO NOT BUY UGGS!

EDIT: also known as sheep "Leather"

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