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How cold should it be before I put a coat on my dog for going outside? How about boots?

I'm a first time dog owner and have no clue, but I don't want the dog's feet to freeze if it's really cold. Do they like coats? His fur seems to have a fair amount of winter undercoat, but what do I know?

How cold should it be before I put a coat on my dog for going outside? How about boots?
I think both are useful below 32F. The thing with the boots is that it protects against the salt on the sidewalks. Imagine what it would be like if you had cuts on your feet and you had to walk through a wet, salty sidewalk. That's what your doggie feels like.
Reply:Dogs don't need clothing or shoes. A coat is completely unnecessary. Go by the undercoat that your dog naturally has. Thickly undercoated dogs can spend more time outside without losing too much body heat. Thin, fine coated dogs have a limit to how long they can spend outdoors. Use a coat or blanket if you want too, but it isn't a requirement. As far as boots go, these are also unnecessary. Just be sure to wipe your dog's pads off with a warm damp cloth to remove any salt or ice melt, which can irritate their pads.
Reply:Pets get cold just like humans, and they can get frost bite on their paws and ears. Long haired pets are better protected against the cold (but the paws still need protection). Short haired dogs need extra protection against the elements. There are dogs that are suited for outsides (Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, etc.). And as the saying goes... if it's too cold for you, it's too cold for your pet.
Reply:Dogs are naturally weather-resistant. However, if you have a SMALL breed of dog that man has bred (that is too small to never have made it on it's own in the wild) now is the time to put the jackets on(unless you live in Hawaii). I have a chihuahua and she started shivering outside a couple days ago. Also, if you have a large breed dog, you can put on a coat if it's raining outside. Naturally, a dog would take cover in the rain to prevent the body temperature from decreasing, so a jacket would suffice.
Reply:You don't say what breed your dog is, but if he has a fair amount of undercoat he should be OK without a coat. Booties do not protect much against the cold. They can protect against abrasive conditions and will prevent ice balls from forming between the dog's toes. Most long distance mushers use booties while most sprint mushers do not. If ice balls are a problem for your dog, use booties when snow conditions and temperatures call for it. Otherwise I would not use booties unless he has a cut or other injury on one of his feet.
Reply:People are always far more concerned about the cold than dogs are. Unless you have a very small dog that is obviously cold sensitive (usually short coated chihuahuas are the only breed that would ever need a coat) there is really no reason for it. Feet are more of a concern, you need to be very careful of ice melt and salt, which can cause pets major irritation. For your own home, you can purchase pet friendly ice melt that won't irritate your dog. Try to stick to sidewalks, not roads on walks because they usually won't have salt on them. If you are well within the city and there is road salt everywhere, and a lot of other winter road crap, you might want to use boots, but provided you clean your dog's feet those aren't strictly necessary.
Reply:just try out a sweater!!!
Reply:I disagree my dogs are pomeranians and I have sweaters for them when it's cold out like today. Unfortunatly my guys won't wear the boots or else I would put them on them, because their feet get really cold and the salt out side isn't good for them..I think it really depends on the type of dog you have...
Reply:What sort of dog have you got, if it is A chinese crested or the like it will need to wear a coat when it is cold.

If it has fur , no i don't think they need coats thats why they have fur, it would be interesting to see wolves wearing coats.

All the coats for pets, are people making money

wof woof
Reply:We have a dachshund that wears a coat outside in winter ( it gets down to 30 during the day), and she doesn't mind it. But she has NO fur. We ALWAYS bring her in at night and she sleeps in a kennel. I suggest getting one for your dog if you are worried about it. It is better for it to be warm inside.

And I would not suggest boots, unless the dog is a sled dog in Alaska and runs in snow pulling a sled all day or if there is lots of salt on the sidewalks and ground. Dogs don't really like wearing boots.
Reply:Well, you may be a first time dog owner, but you are obviously a great one, to be so concerned with their well being!! My dogs wear their coats and shoes, soon as their is a chill, I do not want them to get sick, and I have older dogs so they are prone to getting a cough!! Maybe when the temperature drops to about 45-50 degrees???? I hope this helps some, Good Luck, and Congratulations on your new family member!!!!!!
Reply:Hi.. some people say that dogs do not need to wear clothes. I strongly disagree. Maybe before dogs were domesticated they did not need to wear clothes. However in todays society where dogs don't spend so much tim e in the outside their body adapts to the tempreture inside your home. Yes it will take them a little longer to get colder then it will you but they still get cold rather fast. My dog will not go outside with out his snowsuit and hiker boots. I have tried. The minute I let him out undressed he runs back with out doing anything even if I stay outside he dosen't care when it's cold. As far as the boots go I start wearing boots on my dog when we go outside and I notice him trying to stand on one/two paws at a time and then switching them up.. they are too cold then.

Hope this helps you...
Reply:Dogs do not need coats or boots. Most do not like them and will do everything they can to get them off.


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