Saturday, July 25, 2009

What do apple bottom jeans look like?

I heard they go well with boots with fur.

Faux fur of course

What do apple bottom jeans look like?
Reply:If they r on the right girl, they're hot

and i like that song btw
Reply:the butt pockets look like apples and their nasty but the ones without the apple butt pockets are pretty cute... just the butt pockets though... the styles are weird...
Reply:i think the butts of them are huge, but with a smaller waste.

to fit a "full figured" woman

but i dont know. thats just what i heard haha
Reply:yea thats true about the fur and if you wear them you will have the whole club looking at you!
Reply:they are nice gives good shape and really good for us females with small waist and big butts
Reply:From where I stand, they look pretty good.
Reply:They're very appley.

If you know what I mean.
Reply:They have apples on them, lol
Reply:They are a brand of Jeans designed by rapper Nelly. They have all different styles and colors. Apple Bottom is the name of the brand.
Reply:I seen em. They gots apples in the pockets when ya buy em. and an apple etch on the butt pocket.
Reply:They look silly
Reply:They give your tush a more rounded appearance.

I don't find them particularly comfortable, the material is a little stiff/think--but I guess that makes them good-quality.

hope that helped
Reply:...they look good..u should try them on.
Reply:Not classy. Thats what they look like to me at least.
Reply:Normal jeans, but the pockets are shaped like apples I believe

they are the ultimate edge of bubble butt ghetto-booty-dom
Reply:Idk some jeans with a apple bottom sign ♥
Reply:IDK!....UMHM sure it was faux fur! thats what they want you to think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poor little fox...
Reply:omg, they are soooooooo GHETTO!

books title c

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