Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is this cute?

for witner outfits....

i was thinking some track sweat pants with a couple of zip up hoodies. then i wanted to buy some uggs and a fur lined hoodie and also a fitted bomber... some destroyed jeans, a trench coat lots of mini dresses, leggings booties and some tall winter boots [with fur etc] wat else can i add to my wardrobe to make it winter like? is this a good one for winter? oh and i am going to get some sweat pants that scrunch up just below the knee. thanx!

i am a freshman in high school

Is this cute?
i went shopping yesterday and i got a brown vest with fur from aeropostal and also a thin tan sweater thing to go under it. i got a jean skirt from hollister, some brown leggings and earrings from claires and some Uggs with fur to go with my outfit. so im into the fur stuff too.
Reply:i love everything but the boots
Reply:those clothes are ugly
Reply:I think there really cute don't listen to what they say, or read what thay type cause your gonna look hot this winter!!!
Reply:Accesorize. A cute hat. Gloves with the fingers cut off. Lots of scarves. Leather purse.
Reply:ew boots are out
Reply:There are so many different boots, whgy would you buy such trendy ones? And all that stuff is so trendy. What ever happened to standing out?
Reply:I like your choices! The boots? I'm not so crazy about. I don't really like the scarf either. I really love the jacket though!


Reply:if ur looking for uggs then get them instesd of those may i suggest the ugg cargo II boots from hollister is a cheap rip off of abercrombie
Reply:get a life
Reply:i dont really like the boots.

acne scar

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