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Have a Fashion Promblem!!!!!? **10 points for the most help**?

Ok, For my school play i play violin in the orchestral pit and our teacher who conducts requires us to wear all black, but a formal wear not casual (like sweats). I am a complete prep and the first show of 4 is tommorow!! WE have to wear black 4 days in a row!!! *faints* i have enough clothes that are black.. sorta but i have no idea how to pair them up (a list of black clothes is listed below) If you could make fashionable fomal outfits (formal as in like what adults wear to work or a little less formal) out of the clothes and you can even add others.You can weare some white or something underneath a sweater or something liek that though.



- sweatpants (x2)



-Dress pants

-Ankle boots

-Strappy stilletos

-Fur Wedge boots(faux fur)

-leggings (x2-one calf length one ankle)

-mini skirt

-black tights

-black ballet flats

-graduated bead necklace

That's it.... i think. But thanx for everyone's help who helps me!!!! =D

Have a Fashion Promblem!!!!!? **10 points for the most help**?
outfit 1:

black skirt

black leggings

buy a black cami

black cardigan

black flats

outfit 2:

black skirt

black nylons (if u own them)

black ankle boots

black tank

black blazer

outfit 3:

black pants

black flats or boots

blazk blazer

black tank

outfit 4:

black pants

black tank

black cardigan

black fur boots

wear the necklace with all of them i hope you like

all you would have to buy is a black tank which would be cheap and black nylons
Reply:Okay, here are my picks for combinations:

Outfit #1: mini skirt, black tights, ballet flats, blazer over white top, bead necklace

Outfit #2: Dress pants, cardigan over white top, ankle boots

Outfit #3: mini skirt, ankle-length leggings, ballet flats, cardigan over white top

Outfit #4: dress pants, blazer over white top, ankle boots

I'd avoid the sweatpants (to pajama-ish), and the calf-length leggings (too casual). Hope this helps!
Reply:i am a total fasion freak. So good think your getting my advice. I will be a fasion designer anyway, wear:

leggings with miniskirt bead necklace ans some cute shirt!!! you will look adorable. But wear like a collar black shirt with half sleeves .... listen to me %26amp; ur welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:ok for id go with this...

day1- mini skiry with leggings and the flats

day2-dress pants with the blazer and ankle boots

day 3-wear the skirt agian with the blazer and stilletos.

day 4-pants, cartigan and the necklace with the wedge boots

i know i repeated items, but by wearing them with different piecse and different days, no one will notice!

hope you look good!

Reply:You might have to re-wear things. (sorry hun) I'm trying to go by what you have, ok here's the dealio! Ugh grr... you don't have any tee's!

Outfit 1: mini skirt, leggings (ankle) , graduated bead necklace, Strappy stilletos

Outfit 2: Blazer, Dress pants, black ballet flats

Outfit 3: Fur Wedge boots(faux fur), black tights, mini skirt,

Outfit 4: Cardigan, Dress pants, graduated bead necklace

At least you don't have to wear this momma mou mou long dress with black tights, and these UGLY shoes! She wants diamond earrings; a cross necklace (sterling silver) and our hair pulled back! She said, if you hair can't be pulled back (cuz of length) to pin it up! Oh how I feel bad for everyone who got a hair-cut this weekend!
Reply:OUTFIT #1: wear blak ballet flats, calf length leggings, mini skirt, cardigan with white tank or cami under, graduated bead necklace%26lt;optional, but might look kute%26gt; :]

OUTFIT #2: blak ballet flats, dress pants, cardigan with white tank or cami under, graduated bead necklace%26lt;optional, but migh tlook kute%26gt;:]
Reply:wear strappy stilettos, mini skirt, calf length leggings, and a cute shirt with sleeves that go mid arm (elbow) or short sleeve that would look soo cute1 if the (skirt is not way short dont wear the leggings!)
Reply:For the first outfit, if you can, buy a short black dress and black tights and the ankle boots. For the second outfit, the mini skirt and the fur wedge boots with a three quarter length black button down shirt and a cami or something under it.

For the third outfit, the Dress pants and the cartigan with the stilletos. And for the fourth outfit, The mini skirt again and the ankle length leggings with the flats and a cute shirt with the necklace.

Hope I helped!
Reply:wear the dress pants and the ballet flats and go to Hollister and get this polo...

or just go to walmart and get a black turtleneck..eww!

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