Saturday, July 25, 2009

Furry slippers gone all matted inside?

I bought some slipper boots with fur type material inside. They were SO comfortable, but after a few uses the fur has just gone all hard. Is there a quick and easy way to get it soft and comfortable again without putting them in the washing machine?

Furry slippers gone all matted inside?
Try brushing them with a boar bristle brush and a little water, as mentioned above, then use a very low, if not cool, setting with a hair dryer and dry them. You don't want to soak them though. Just enough to dampen the furs.
Reply:Nope, this is just what happens to cheap materials. Real sheeps wool does not do this, and is amazingly warm.
Reply:not that i know of...
Reply:nope, when mine so that, its normally time to get a new pair. thats why i dont get furry slippers anymore b/c i just waste my money on them.
Reply:scrub them with a brush and water.

or just brush them.

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