Saturday, July 25, 2009

What do you boys out there think of girls who wear ugg boots?

I've read of some guys that absolutely hate those things (with the fur) and some that like them.

Input please.


What do you boys out there think of girls who wear ugg boots?
they're really ugly. it makes chicks look like they have tree trunk thighs, but most of them do anyways.
Reply:Guys don't care. The only difference between ugg boots and ones from other brands is that little tag on the back.
Reply:theres a reason those shoes start with UG... theyre not just ugly, theyre fugly. but yeah i doubt guys are looking at shoes however, the guy who said all they look at is boobs is wrong, not all guys are like that... most are, but not all.
Reply:does that really matter? and by the way John P. if that's all boys look at that, then they're sick. Sickos.
Reply:Most guys could care less.
Reply:they look like ****
Reply:i really dont care. if it make you happy then thats good
Reply:i think that person has a sense of style. as long as that person looks good in it then fine by me
Reply:depends if they like girlys cause those are sorta girly

so please give me 10 points cause i just started here today!!
Reply:personally I think Uggs are way overpriced, and most of them are ugly
Reply:guys aren't looking at boots, they are looking at boobs.
Reply:I think they are ugly! Some guys may just like them though.
Reply:Why does it matter what guys think? DO YOU LIKE THEM?
Reply:I hate them with ugg boots on it looks like there a prostitute.... no offence..

skin spots

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