Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wat do you think? is it cute?

for witner outfits....

i was thinking some track sweat pants with a couple of zip up hoodies. then i wanted to buy some uggs and a fur lined hoodie and also a fitted bomber... some destroyed jeans, a trench coat lots of mini dresses, leggings booties and some tall winter boots [with fur etc] wat else can i add to my wardrobe to make it winter like? is this a good one for winter? oh and i am going to get some sweat pants that scrunch up just below the knee. thanx!

i am a freshman in high school

i like these boots a lot

and sweaters and leg warmers and arm warmers

are these worth saving up for?

Wat do you think? is it cute?
can't tell u the links don't work
Reply:I think they r worth saving up for! So cute! Who cares if they're out or in.
Reply:If you update your links maybe I can tell you ;)
Reply:all those items u listed are so last year AND maybe two years ago. No one wears Uggs anymore, they are fugly and a waste of money. The track suit thing is awful. Look in US weekly or Star or InTouch and see what all the celebs are wearing....thats the hot stuff this year!!
Reply:none of the links work!
Reply:the links do not work ♥
Reply:for your information: NONE OF THE LINKS WORK!!


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