Friday, July 31, 2009

What Do You Think Of This Song?!?

Low By Flo Rida


She Had Them Applebottom Jeans

Boots With The Fur

The Whole Club Was Lookin' At Her

She Hit The Floor

Next Thing You Know

She Gettin' Low Low Low Low Low Low Low Low

I Love It...I want to Knowwhat other people think! :)

What Do You Think Of This Song?!?
Its my favroite partying songout right now. I can't listen to it unless im dancin cuz it kinda gets on my nerves!!!!!!!
Reply:Amazing song!

i love it

it's my alarm every morning lol
Reply:i like that song but now its waaaay overplayed !!
Reply:its bout like solja boy i can only hope i can get through 1 whole, entire day with out hearing this song too.......

is it just me or do these cats sound like so nelly spawns???? i cant stand him either.....
Reply:itz kool... da lyricz iz hott... flo-rida can rap like crazy



Reply:I honestly can't stand this song....sorry!
Reply:OMG OMG OMG LOW!! This Is My Fav Song Ever!! I luv it!! I'm always singing it in skwl!! and "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco! lol xx
Reply:I love it! It 's so cool!! I hear it every day!!!!!

T-Pain Ft. Flo Rida
Reply:I don't.
Reply:Lol......that songs is a little played out! It's cool and all, but im just tired of hearing it! But it was a fun song.
Reply:its good but its over played way too much. the next song like this is probly gonna be superstar by lupe fiasco or soemthing like that, played way too much
Reply:pretty good.... overplayed though.... usher- love in this club" is going to be the next big hit no doubt to replace that song.. download it and let me know what you think
Reply:Pretty good. Catchy chorus, but kinda lacks edge. Nothing compares to Timbaland Shock Value for me these days. Just the right amount of edge.
Reply:im starting not 2 really like it ! lol..but everytime the song comes out i have to sing the i like Usher Love in the club ! and Mariah Carey's Touch My Body! llol..its so sexy!
Reply:its commercial garbage

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