Friday, July 31, 2009

LADIES, how many pairs of SHOES do you own!!!?

i have ALOT!!!!!!! i think i have about 50 pairs!!!! i love shopping(LOL, WHO DOESN'T?!) and every yime i go whether it's wal mart or the mall i always go on shopping sprees! i buy art supplies, SHOES, mags, a toothbrush, and all these stupid crazy things that i don't even need!!! so now i have about 40 and i just donated some to the thrift store downtown!!! i have 11 pairs of boots(3 furs, 4 leathers, 2 go go boots, 1 rainboots and 1 snowboots), 15 flip flops( you see, i'm a more of a sock-free person so i have alot, i got 4 from hawaii, 2 from chine, a black one, and i could go on 4 ever)!! i have 9 different types of sandles like a black one with cute patterns and my FAVE a pinkicsh sparkly one! i also have 12 tennis shoes/sneakers, and also numerous types of high heels, flats, and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LADIES, how many pairs of SHOES do you own!!!?
i have about 55 pairs but 18 shoes i dont like and dont wear so about 37 shoes i like wear. I luv wearing a type of shoe with different outfits. I have shoes from slippers to dance to swimwear to winter to track u name it and i have it lol.
Reply:27 pairs and 1 odd one I kept for memories!
Reply:Well if a lady has more than 10 pair of newer stylish shoes I can alomost guarantee she doesn't wear a 9, 9.5, or 10. I have been shoe shopping for 2 weeks now some stores include DSW 6 times in 1 week, Macy's 2 in same week, Nordstrom,Dillard's 2 in same week plus several more- And yes my size the above size is the size 90% of the women in Dallas wear. What I'd like to know is where do you find low heel boots and shoes that are stylish in my size because while they have cute stylish shoes in all other sizes, they don't exist in my size; atleast not in Dallas and surrounding areas!
Reply:Way over 200 pairs.
Reply:between 20 and 30, depending on what lurks in the back of my closet.

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