Saturday, July 25, 2009

What kind of shoes do you wear in New York?

I am going there this weekend. It supposed to be really cold and raining. Possibly snowing. Im from Texas so I dont exactly have good cold weather boots. I want to look cute but be warm. We will be outside probably most of the time. I have UGGS and some wedge toed Marc Jacobs "snow" boots with fur on the top. I also have alot of flat tall boots. Would any of these work? Or do I have to go out and buy some real snow boot? What do people wear in New York?

What kind of shoes do you wear in New York?
People wear everything in New York. In fact, no one's gonna really care what you're wearing.

But, it won't be snowing, it's going to be 50 degrees this Saturday, and raning. Wear whatever is comfortable if you'll be walking and it's gonna be wet out.
Reply:real snow shoes, girl, but if the roads aren't too slushy, your UGGs are probably okay.

as for the Marc Jacos snow boots, you have a LOT to learn about NY.
Reply:It depends on whether you want to look like a tourist or just be comfortable. Check with weather online and then wear the same shoes you wear at home for that weather.
Reply:i went there a few weeks ago, i wore my black tall uggs and black vans, my mom walked in heels the first day but after that her feet were killing her. so get comfy shoes.
Reply:It doesn't really matter what you wear outside. New Yorkers wear just about anything.

However I love to wear converse all stars, especially those ones where someone writes all over the shoe! It's cute, and sometimes when you're waiting in line, someone will tend to stare at your shoe.

There are a lot of people with UGG boots in New York. But seriously, if you're walking for like 2 hours, then stick with the new balance or nike. They may not look like it, but UGG boots are pretty warm. They're good for outside, but bad in places where there is a lot of heat.

Boots work in New York as well. There are a lot of people outside wearing them. They're also kinda cute!

Again, it really doesn't matter what you wear, everyone has their own unique taste. There are people who wear chanel out in NY and other people in just a simple shirt and jeans. V-necks are really cute along with uggs and boots!

Welcome to NY!!!!!!
Reply:It is going to be raining here, not sure about snowing [hopefully it will though :D].

I wear sneakers like everyday and I get around perfectly fine.

Just wear something comfy cause I know you tourists like to see EVERYTHING and NYC is a pretty big place.

So wear sneakers or whatevers comfortable for you :]
Reply:i live in new york and i wear lot of uggs and some times converse
Reply:You don't need to go and buy new shoes. It isn't going to be snowing, but its going to be raining. I wouldn't wear your Uggs because they will just get ruined from the rain. Wear what you want, If Your are going somewhere fancy, then I would bring more than one pair of boots, but if not, then i would wear the flat tall ones. I hope this helps! =]
Reply:we are so hip, we don't even wear shoes here
Reply:UGGs. warm "n" fuzzy
Reply:soft-sole moccasins if its dry outside, hard-sole moccasins if its wet


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