Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is this outfit too dressy?Would it be weird to wear it 2 school?

Black skirt with black leggings

Blue long sleeve shirt with little strips of tye dye all over it

and black knee high boots(have fur)(faux fur)

Is this outfit too dressy?Would it be weird to wear it 2 school?
Its okay ..but if youre trying to look fresh of the runway, the rage all this season is to pair that black skirt with a different color pair of leggings. Try to opt for a simple fitted baby tee in a neutral color . The tye-dye so not in right on. You will look like a wood stock reject and being that you're wearing leggings the fur lined boots sound like a huge disaster .Its just too much .Feel me? Try to keep the shoes to flats (like the ballerina slipper look) for a chic New York urban look or wear a pair of wedges to give yourself a little more edge and flair. Stay away from shades that will pale you out also.
Reply:Not too dressy.

It's not something I'd wear but hey be yourself and go for it! :D
Reply:i think mini skrit %26amp; smalllllllleesssstttttttttttt shirt
Reply:not 2 dressy but very ugly
Reply:I think the top the skirt and the leggings are fine, but if it were me I'd stay away from the boots, unless there uggs or a brand like them! Boots can make or break an outfit, you can go from cute to trashy with boots that is why i always say flats with a skirt! Like those cute ballerina ones that are really popular now!!
Reply:If it's you, wear it. If it's not you, dont wear it!
Reply:I think it sound wonderful. I think that i am going to go buy one myself and were it to school. Good luck!
Reply:hey wear what you want , be yourself
Reply:Nah - go for it!
Reply:well depends, for why are you going to be wearing all this ? but i would say its a tad dressy for skool but if you could pull it off i would soo go for it !!
Reply:if that is what you like to wear then wear it...............i would if i were you!

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