Friday, July 31, 2009

What do I wear!?

I have these really cute brouwn boots with fur trimmed, and i don't know what to wear with them, I have to be cute becasue I'm trying to impress a ton please help!

What do I wear!?
some abercrombie/holister skinny jeand that just fit perfectly. You have to war a fashionable top too. Don't think just because you are wearing those cute boots and those o-so-hot jeans, your top won't matter. also, to complete the look ur going to need cute accesories. get some brown, indian looking dangle earings and a silver necklace. You need a brown handbag or shoulder bag too to complete the outfit. For your makeup, do it lightly. Some light brown eyeshado and just a tiny bit of mascara and clear lip gloss should go perfect.
Reply:if ya really want to impress..don't wear boots in the spring. :)
Reply:Tuck them into skinny jeans, wear a top with volume (the trapeze style is in right now), a little bling, and the right purse and you're done!!!
Reply:I think I have those boots. They are Dark brown with a little ligher fur. I where them with a light brown skirt that matches the light trim on the boots. Then I just pick out a dark brown shirt.
Reply:khacki skinny jeans, of course.

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