Saturday, July 25, 2009

What does it mean if a woman tells you she's not wearing socks under her boots?

and that she thinks you should know and usually the fur keeps her feet warm? She wants to see me again soon. Thoughts? Does she want me to see her feet?

What does it mean if a woman tells you she's not wearing socks under her boots?
sounds a little perverted
Reply:eeww.. it's not good.. i wouldnt think of her fur actually but that she's a weirdo or a gross fetishist or whatever..
Reply:ask her if she has a foot fetish.
Reply:Yah and she wants you to smell her stinky feet because they will smell so bad if she isn't wearing socks with her boots..ewww.
Reply:She's trying to let you know she has athlete's foot without directly telling you.

or, she could have feet that rip her socks apart so she never ears any, lmao
Reply:Could be her way of hinting that she doesn't have panties under her skirt..and she has a muff. But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...
Reply:this is so silly as to not even require an answer. the answer is suck her toes.............. you are so sillllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Reply:no panties, my dear. you had better be careful w/ that . shes obviously had some practice.
Reply:sounds like she's just trying to make conversation and couldn't think of anything better. really.
Reply:I think she means that she doesn't have panties on.

Either that, or she doesn't wear socks so you guys can meet at a table and she can play footsies with your crotch ("fur keeps feet warm")... you know... a "foot" job.

Or maybe she's just being silly/cute and we're ALL just blowing things out of proportion.

I don't know.

Good luck, anyway.
Reply:It means her feet are sweaty and probably smell bad...gross
Reply:im gonna say shes white/caucasian bcuz no black person says that unless their an oreo...anyway,she seems into u so i think she does want u 2 c her feet...under the covers.
Reply:It means that her feet are sore and probably smelly.
Reply:it means her feet are probably stinky and sweaty lol
Reply:I think she wants you to see more than her feet. But that she wants to start with them.
Reply:Ummmm... The only thing I can think of is that she's not wearing socks under her boots. That really confuses me. Or maybe it's that it's 3 am and I'm still up.


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