Saturday, July 25, 2009

Travel to Kazakhstan? Any help will do.?

Okay i am planning on leaving to Kazakhstan

Fri.December 28 - Fri.January 25. *Does anyone know about how much a round trip ticket would cost during this time? I cannot view internet fully and cannot look up this information, and i need to know now to figure this out. *Where could i get a travel visa to Kazakhstan? would i find this at the KZ embassy? And how cold does it get in KZ during this time, are we talking snow boots and fur coats?? okay any help will be greatly appreciated. I only usually get "Borat" answers, and i dont need those i never have even seen the movie.. okay thanks to all who really can help...


Travel to Kazakhstan? Any help will do.?
i wouldn't go at that time of year, but if you must, yes, parkas and snow boots. there are some great weather garb these days, lightweight yet full protection. and the place is badly polluted. heres 2 numbers you can call, they have all the info and applications you need for a trip to kazakhstan.

-Go To Russia Travel- office in atlanta, georgia

toll free-1-888-263-0023

and 404-827-0099


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