Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is it ok to shave my cat's fur?

I have a five month old cat, and right now, she's miserable from the heat. She'll only sleep on the tile or linoleum floors, or where ever there is a cool place to sleep. She is an indoor cat, and a longhaired one to boot. I only want to do this for summer, but since it's nearly over, I wonder if I should bother.

What's y'alls opinion?

Is it ok to shave my cat's fur?
My cat gets shaved during the summer months, whenever her fur starts to grow in. She's a shorthair, but it keeps her cooler and you don't notice the shedding hair. Your cat may look a little funny to you at first and she may seem like she's lost her pride, but she'll get over it after a day. She'd probably thank you if she could, too. Don't worry about summer almost being over.. The hair will grow back.. My cat's hair usually grows in after 3-4 weeks... And I think there's still enough summer left for her to enjoy having short hair for once. Like everyone else said, go with the lion cut. It's cute..
Reply:I don't know since like you mentioned summer is almost over.I would just get maybe some extra fans and always keep cool water in her bowl,add a ice cube or two.Maybe next summer get her a lion cut.this will keep her cool next year.Have fun with your kitty
Reply:ok, well i think she'll be fine because i had the same problem when i lived in arizona and my cat just got used to it - he actually sun bathes now, it's kinda weird, but cute - anyways, i would shave off her fur, buit just try giving her a bath i do it to my cat all the time and he's fine with it - she's probably shedding a lot because of the heat so brush her like 3 times a day and give here a bath every 2 weeks and i think she'll be fine, A fun game you can play with her is actually sliding an ice cube across the kitche floor - my cat loves chasing after it and getting a little wet.
Reply:i had the same issue .. different reason.. it was hot and my cats were indoor/outdoor cats.. well they had been out cause it was finally cool and to say the least turned green cause of the grass..

vet gave directions after 3 baths that i should try trimming or shaving altogether.. she gave very clear directions to watch how far up the neck.. suggested no further than where the shoulder tips end before the slope.. also to leave about an inch around the feet.. they have sensory hairs(like whiskers) and be careful around the end of the tail.. and on the tummy(nipples on both boys and girls)

only took me 20 minutes to get my cat done.. but if you dont feel safe doing it yourself .. call around to the groomers.. for one that does cats
Reply:It is fine to take them to the groomer. Ask for a "lion cut", it is so cute! They are left with their head hair and a little tuft on the end of their tall. I was going to get one for my very fluffy cat this summer, but he was too afraid of the groomer, and we decided it was better to just crank up the A/C and be a little cold so he could be comfy.

It doesn't hurt them either.
Reply:if you have to, take her to a groomers to get her trimmed, not shaved. put 2 ice cubes in her water bowl and make sure she ALWAYS has water availible whenever she needs it. put a dark sheet or curtain over the windows and close the blinds. you might also want to cut down on your electricity use because the hot air from the computer and tv might add to the heat.
Reply:Actually, the fur insulates the cat, which means that it protects her from heat as well. Maybe you could call the groomer and ask the groomer's advice about this situation.
Reply:If your cat is like mine, then do it. It won't harm the cat, but it certainly will make her cooler. (And maybe funny-looking.)
Reply:I took my long-haired cat to the groomers and she was shaved completely. I was simply mortified and so was she. Poca looked funny and she walked around like she was aware that she didn't have any "clothes" on. Shaving their fur off is like cutting off all of your hair. It's their pride and joy. Just brush her out and keep lots of water for her. She'll be okay.
Reply:uh, i know they shave kitty fur at the vet's, but that's generally just so they can operate.

i wouldn't try shaving her yourself, since if she doesn't like it or moves the wrong way, you might end up hurting her, not to mention it'll likely look like a hack job.

i would suggest a professional groomer - not sure if there are many for cats but they know what they're doing, and it'd look better to boot.
Reply:I wouldn't shave the fur and rather would put a fan in close proximity to where the cat sleeps or spends his time. If you have AC run it. I have a cat -short hair- and I keep a fan going on 24/7 so he's fresh at all times.
Reply:yes we had a long haired cat that peed on everything in the house so we had to make him an outdoor cat. We shaved him every so often to get the tangles out b/c there was no way to keep them out with him being an outdoor cat and he was fine.


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