Saturday, July 25, 2009

OK. Well is this cute?

for witner outfits....

i was thinking some track sweat pants with a couple of zip up hoodies. then i wanted to buy some uggs and a fur lined hoodie and also a fitted bomber... some destroyed jeans, a trench coat lots of mini dresses, leggings booties and some tall winter boots [with fur etc] wat else can i add to my wardrobe to make it winter like? is this a good one for winter? oh and i am going to get some sweat pants that scrunch up just below the knee. thanx!

OK. Well is this cute?
Oh thats cute ! :]

I was going to buy some athletic capri sweat pants also.

-You can have the hoodies without zippers,

those are cute:

-or striped hoodies:

-You can add in a scarf into your wardrobe :]

that would look great.

-You could get some leg warmers with flats.

-You should try on a long sleeve off the shoulder shirt

with a vest.

-You can also try on a mini cardigan with a tee.

-Plaid jackets are in:

-or plaid vests [which would great with long sleeves]:

-Skinny jeans will also look great with uggs or boots:

these are nice but it would looks better if it was flat

because it would be more comfortable when walking:

Take Care :]
Reply:u could stuff a cat down ur pants to keep u warm, or..stuff 1 up the um try delias or alloy they have nice cloths like i think i got my coat at i want to say alloy...its a really nice coat its long,has a red plad inside liner, white on the out side, nice big pockets and a fur lined hood.
Reply:Get some cute rain boots and lots of hoodies!
Reply:hmmm, i think that its best to try and avoid the more bogan approach to a cute winter outfit. By finding some "cute" trackies and ugg boats can be kind of misleading, and any type of fur on shoes is pretty 90's. I think it would be a wiser choice to stick to the more classy option like a nice pair of leggings and a mini dress. With this more suitable choice, you can experiment with different styles of boots and don't be afraid to use accessories, especially scarves. But overall, it's better to invest in some nice items that you can dress up or down. You cant really do much with trackies and uggies, keep them for home and the milk bar.
Reply:for winter i love dresses with dark leggings/stockings and boots

^ soo cute!

the sweats and hoodies look is from a couple years ago... i think its messy and not attractive

this winter, skinny jeans are deff the hotttest thing out there

also lots of layering! w/ tank tops, long sleeves, sweaters, and then a big coat over it all

good luck with ur winter wardrobe!


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