Friday, July 31, 2009

What is that song called?

i need 2 know what this song is called it goes like this she got the boots with th fur with the fur she got the whole club lookin at her she hit th floor she hit the floor next thing u knw she gota go low low low low she got them apple bottom jeans wtih the starps with the straps with the straps thats all i know srry if i didnt give u enough to work with plese and thank u

What is that song called?
Low --- Flo Rida... there is a big booty mix and clean version dirty version and Travis Barker remix which is kool its like rock music with flo rida rappin its kool
Reply:Low-- Flo-Rida
Reply:its called Low
Reply:i dont know... ITS NOT COUNTRY!!!!!!

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