Friday, July 31, 2009

Guys, which of these do you like best??

which of these would be more attractive on me??

Preppy - polos, khaki or plaid skirts, skorts, pea coats, sweaters, long straight hair, natural makeup, pearls

Pageant Perfect - soft curls with lots of volume, perfectly coordinated outfits and jewelery, nice silky tops, high heels

Sporty, mascara and eyeliner with minimal lip makeup, hair in ponytail or bun, converse, headbands, cute sweats, cute sweatshirts

Victoria's secret - tousled hair, body-hugging pants, v-neck shirts, high heels

Ghetto girl - apple bottom jeans, boots with tha fur... haha jk, um, you know, like Rocawear and big hoop earrings and stuff

Scene/emo - very bold makup, dyed hair, black nail polish, vans, nose/lip piercings, fitted tees...

Rich Girl: professional looking makeup, glamourous ringlets'shiny highlights, HUGE overpriced sunglasses, faux-fur, Luis V and Chanel...

Slut - um idk if i even have to explain this one...

so what are you most attracted to?? thanks :)

Guys, which of these do you like best??
preppy but im always attracted to girls that wear sweat pants
Reply:lol this is no guy...i think i would fit in the preppy
Reply:u should of told us wat u wear everyday on a daily basis... then i could of singled u out on 1 of those categories.

so im left with tellin u MY fav style....

I LIKE rich gurl. i cant afford any of that much... but i save money and buy it wen i can. eventually, i figure... ill have a closet full of chanel and luis V.


wen i cant afford that and i wana shop.... my fav category is...preppy. ya good luck.

the more flesh that's being flaunted, the better


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