Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is there any 'ethnic' clothing you would like or do like to wear? Things with embroidery and braid?

Embroidered Tibetan boots with fur at the top ... or those beautiful silk damask hats the Tiubetans wear with the big brims with fluffy fur and the ribbons dangling down the back ...

Or clothes the Indian men wear when in high spirits!

Moroccan burnooses ... and slippers with embroidery and tooled leather ..

Or embroidered silk vests with great loose shirts?

Anything you have seen in the movies or on stage and then copied for yourself somehow? Especially Shakespeare ... or the Ballet ...

Even one or two things with ordinary western clothes looks terrific, don't you think?


Is there any 'ethnic' clothing you would like or do like to wear? Things with embroidery and braid?
I love embellishment clothing. High street joint company Monsoon and Accessorize are perfect for this style.

They have so much nice items, often cotton tops with small detailings of embroidery to bags and purses covered with sequins and buttons.

If i could go back in time, i would choose the 1920's - 1950's. This era was about the start of fashion - and clothes were tailored and finely made to fit. I love the wrap macs, curly blonde hair and those beret style hats that were popular back then, always with leather gloves on, and expensive jewellery.
Reply:Pretty much everything I own is made in China or Taiwan. Does that count?
Reply:african attire
Reply:I've got myself a Korean hanbok to wear on special occasions. I've also got a traditional Vietnamese outfit. Yes, a bit naff for a Westerner, but I've only had compliments so far!
Reply:I went to the Punjab Market area of Vancouver BC and bought a shalwar kameez five or six years ago. Very intricate embroidery in gold thread, cutwork, etc.

I paid $70 Canadian at the time and was VERY surprised it didn't cost more.

It is now my evening/special occasion outfit.
Reply:I used to live in the Ivory coast and women there wear suits made of "pagne" or loincloth it is 100% cotton traditional material with bold and colourful and I love it, they look so elegant with there suit on, they are usually tailor made for the individual and follows trends. have a look at this link it show a african fashion show in Cameroun


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