Saturday, July 25, 2009

I need help finding these boots!?

I don't have a picture, and i don't know what brand they are.

But they are really furry ALL over. and they are a mix of black and grayish fur. they also have this little black bow on the side. they are flat on the bottom.

please help!

I need help finding these boots!?
steve madden
Reply:seach for fur boots on pc. then go from there. good luck.
Reply:Have you tried looking for them on or
Reply:ill get back to you on this so stay posted. i think ive seen people wearing them and ill ask someone who has a pink pair of what your describing. ill try and find out for you within the dead line.
Reply:Go to ebay. Type in fluffy boots an see what that brings up. Ebays great!!!
Reply:did you see someone wearing them, if so try and find that person to ask them

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