Friday, July 31, 2009

Who is ready for summer???

i mean sorry but im a winter person

i love the cold the jackets with the fur

the warm boots the fire place

the snow the hot watever


Who is ready for summer???
Winter girl for sure! Love snuggling up on the lounge with my bub and just chillin with a movie!
Reply:I'm quite enjoying the weather now, but I live in AZ, so it's already around 80 or 90F during the day. In the summer it's way too hot for me.
Reply:I kinda like spring, and winter.

Because i think those seasons are relaxing and refreshing, usually summer makes me feel sweaty and sticky.

But i havent had spring or winter in like four years. :(
Reply:i luv the summer because i get out more and it gives me the chance to lose this extra weight i put on this easter haha

trust me im gonna get it alllllll off in the summer

wish me luck ^_^
Reply:summer i love it because i am free that time i can do all that i want!
Reply:i love WINTER... haha!

u know why? wll im here in the Philippines.. and there's no winter here! huhu.. ive never touched a snow before.. hope there will be a miracle and God will give us winter.. hehe..

Therefore, my answer would be Summer! [no choice] haha! i luv it becoz of the beach.. too many hot ladies! ^^

and of course, castles! lol.
Reply:ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!! Summer is of course. because #1, that's my name, and #2 what's there not 2 love abot it? sun,sand,bbq,patios,camping...... i could go on and on and on. oh and #3, because I live in Canada, so Summer is pretty short lived, so I make the best of every minute of it!

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