Friday, July 31, 2009

Lol, so can someone please explain to me what "applebottom jeans are"?

and yess! i know they go well with boots with fur =]]

Lol, so can someone please explain to me what "applebottom jeans are"?
haha i love tht song

apple bottom jeans are a type of jeans created by nelly
Reply:Apple Bottom jeans were created by Nelly; they are specially designed for women who are 'little in the middle but got much back.' They are cut to fit a woman with a booty. And they fit PERFECTLY!
Reply:AppleBottoms is a clothing line by rapper-Nelly. The Jeans are made especially for big booty girls, girls with a whole lotta junk. They were actually featured on Oprah Winfrey's talk show.
Reply:apple bottom jeans, boots with the furr :]]

hahaha i'm listening to that song right now by Flo Rida!

they are jeans made by the rapper, nelly!


good luck!

•♥• :)
Reply:jeans that make you bottom popand show

there so tight
Reply:apple bottom jeans are jeans made by nelly for ALL girls. they also have matching shirts and jumpers! the best jeans ever, get some!
Reply:Applebottoms suck. They are a brand created by Nelly, but you don't have to have an applebottom to sport those jeans.
Reply:a make of jeans
Reply:Ghetto jeans
Reply:They are just a very popular clothing brand.

apple bottom clothing is sooo cutee.
Reply:they are jeans made by nelly the rapper for most black girls


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