Saturday, July 25, 2009

I am having difficulty finding the following items, can you help?

All of the shops on the Gold Coast are completely out of thermal underwear, balaclavas, fur lined boots, gloves and scarves. I shall instantly perish from the cold weather when I land at Heathrow in 2 weeks time (assuming Her Maj. lets me in). What shall I do?

I am having difficulty finding the following items, can you help?
sounds like your choice of outfits may require your head needed to be tested upon entry. You will be the talk of health row section 12, of the mental hospice not heathrow.
Reply:its not that cold in London; if you think it is when you land then buy a scarf and gloves from the Tie Rack and some wooly socks in the Sock Shop in Heathrow before you head out of the terminal building.
Reply:as soon as you land the best thing i can advise is for you to get something warm inside you, if you catch my drift (cheesy wink) and after all london is full of knobs so you will have no prob there
Reply:If you're "blooming English" you'll know that we have plenty of shops in the UK to accommodate your need for Artic conditions.

If you was to wear that amount of clothing in the mild weather we're having then you'll look like you're wearing them for a laugh.
Reply:Well to be honest you wont need any of that cause the weather here has been +10 degrees and is a really mild winter, I would say come in a warm jacket and than but som gloves when you get here and maybe a scarf, cause its really not that cold i have been wearing a jumper with a scarf for weeks.

I hope this helps
Reply:Hottest winter in years. Just wear a smart t-shirt and you'll be fine
Reply:Hey Pom, you let him have it right in the gob! I loved the way you said you were not a bloomin... Hee Hee.

As far as a solution, other than attempting a rush international order by owl post*, I think prolly the best you can do is hope to be met at Heathrow by someone with warm clothing at hand.

That Cheeky Lad

*Harry Potter nutter, I am.
Reply:lol its not that cold here its actually quite mild for the time of yr but if your freezing your *** off when you get here then there are loads of shops you can buy them from here

p.s bring an umbrella you will need it never stops bloomin raining
Reply:It's not that bad, honestly... Quite mild today actually -6th January. Just wear several layers of cotton tops and a jersey and coat. Tights or socks %26amp; trousers. Remember gloves. Go shopping when you get back home... Welcome back to the UK!
Reply:You have my sympathies it must be a horrifying prospect for you soft Auzzies to have to deal with temperature slightly below boiling point. Lol
Reply:buy a massive blanket thing in whatever country your in, but DONT travel in it. as soon as you get off the plane quickly drape it casually-but-cooly around your shoulders and saunter on your could be mistaken for a fashion statement
Reply:Have you tried ordering from the internet? Many online shops may have what you want. You may have to use expedited shipping. Good Luck!
Reply:I am an Aussie in the UK and know all about this stuff. Its really not that bad here although for you it will feel like its freezing!!! Ask the people who are picking you up from the airport if they will bring you a jacket and gloves. You wont need it in the terminal anyways just when you get outside. if your making your own way home then I have only one word for you...Layers!!!
Reply:It's not that cold over here this year! No pipes have split from the water in them freezing, and we have had no snow!! anyway don't worry, there are loads of shops in heathrow with stuff you can get, if your delicate Austrailian skin can't hack a bit of the English weather!

You will like it here I'm sure, it's ace!
Reply:Land ..and then claim you are a Muslim seeking political asylum. Our Government will the take you from Heathrow to a nice house, give you a mobile phone and clothes, a heating allowance and vouchers to use at a supermarket of your choice for food, cigarettes and booze. They will pay all your taxes and benefits for you so you can live a life of freedom at the British Taxpayers expense!

And the only cost will be yet another British taxpayer won't have the benefit of being housed and will be dumped in a B%26amp;B!

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