Friday, July 31, 2009

What do apple bottom jeans look like?

lol like in low apple bottom jean boots with fur

What do apple bottom jeans look like?

theres a link to the site

(it goes to the demin section)

apple bottom jeans look better on girls with booties

apple bottoms is a brand by Nelly.

they look like all jeans, but they have pockets shaped like apples. they're meant for women w/ a little more deriere...hope this could help!

Reply:ha my friend has some. they are just regular faded jeans with apple bottom written across the butt.
Reply:well i have four pairs they are really cute but if yuou want them beacause of a song then......................... WOW. they are getting sold out because wanna bes heard the song and insistied on buying them
Reply:basicaly what steph said,...uh how could you not know that hah =)

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