Saturday, July 25, 2009

Does making ugg boots hurt animals?

i love wearing mine and my mom told me that the sheep don't get hurt and they just shave them which neds to be done when the fur gets long. is that true? are they made of leather also? PLEASE answer me truthfully because i won't by them anymore if they hurt animals for them.

Does making ugg boots hurt animals?
Look inside the boot, it should say what it is made out of example leather. Leather is the animals skin, they have to kill the animal.
Reply:The sheep do get shaved, which does not hurt. The leather comes from the skin of another animal that has been killed for food, it is not killed in order for the footwear to be made.

I love animals also, but I love my Uggs and have had them for years, which means that I am purchasing less boots in my lifetime and that is a good thing.

Have a good night and enjoy your Uggs, they are great, rugged, durable and comfortable.
Reply:These are from animals that are already dead. And for the sheep they shave them and it does not hurt.
Reply:yes I have 2 pairs and sadly they are made out of sheep hide. I don't really care as much for the domestic farm animals as i do wild animals since people keep reproducing them and they are in no danger of dying out.
Reply:Well, if they're leather or suede or should say what it's made out of. You can find ones with fake material on ebay! :-D It's where I got mine! :D

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