Monday, August 3, 2009

Womens jeans sizes us-uk?

can anyone tell me what size in jeans a uk 14 and 16 are in us sizes?

i want some apple bottom jeans (and the boots with the fur! only joking, just couldnt help myself!)

but i have seen a nice pair of jeans i like from the us but i havent got a clue what size i need so if anyone can help me out, then that would be great. thanks. x

Womens jeans sizes us-uk?
in general if you want to know ur uk size in american sizes you just take away two sizes.

i.e. if your an english 14 you'll be an american 10

if your an english 16 you'll be an american 12
Reply:14 UK = 10 US

16 UK = 12 US

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