Monday, August 3, 2009

Who else gets anoyed with rap music?

thats all you ever hear......... superman that ****, boots with the fur and getting "Low". talk about discussing........

i like rock/aternative

Who else gets anoyed with rap music?
Not me! I love Soulja Boy and Low. So U can stop talking your trash.
Reply:LOL, i do see where your comming from altho i listen to rap sometimes.
Reply:i like rap but like really few songs. the lyrics are normally about sex and drugs, i mean seriously?

Rock is way better

-Classic Rock fan-
Reply:I hate it-annoying to the max.
Reply:yup, i can't stand rap
Reply:I'm actually a blues kinda guy

but about 5 or so years back rap was not all that bad, compared to now at least
Reply:After so long, it all sounds the same- very unoriginal
Reply:lol me too! some of it is okay like when i'm hyper or being silly with friends, but i could not listen to that stuff all the time!

i like rock way better.
Reply:i like some
Reply:rock is soo overrated

real rap is not on the radio or tv nowadays ppl

its better then constantly hearing how someone wants to cut themselves, and then a bunch of random screams

wtf is that?
Reply:i like rap, i like rock, i like country......w/e its your opinion
Reply:i hate it... i find rap pointless
Reply:I love the ladies.
Reply:i like rap but some alternative it cool
Reply:yeah i feel exactly the same way
Reply:Hm....not me =\

Maybe that's because I don't

associate ONE or TWO songs

with ALL of rap or hiphop music.

Talk about stereotyping xD

Actually, I get annoyed with all the

yelling and raquet of rock music [=

acne scar

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