Monday, August 3, 2009

In 'r n b' songs wat does 'shawty' mean?


'hey lil shawty'- with you chris brown

'shawty i can take you there' - take you there sean kingston

'shawty got them apple bottom jeans boots with the fur' low flo rida ft. T-pain

In 'r n b' songs wat does 'shawty' mean?
It's a term of endearment like "baby", "sweetie", etc
Reply:its also a term of endearment,
Reply:it's a slang for girl
Reply:You forgot 'Get It Shawty' by Lloyd. Really shawty is another word for shorty. They just spelling it different. shawty is what they call girls.
Reply:Its a slang term for girl..
Reply:The american rappers terms for a girl they think is hot.
Reply:It's slang, it means girl.
Reply:it suppost to mean "shorty" lol
Reply:It means "shorty" as in tyke, toddler, small child. For example, in Golddigger,Kanye raps:

She was 'sposed to buy your shawty Tyco with yo' money She went to the doctor and got lipo with yo' money

She walkin' roun' lookin like Michael with yo' money

Meaning instead of using alimony to support your child, his mother got plastic surgery and now resembles Michael Jackson.
Reply:even i had the same question in mind-thanks for asking this question!
Reply:"Shawty" is a southern name for "baby". However, according to Plies, this term means "someone of the opposite sex who you have an understanding with".


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