Monday, August 3, 2009

This may sound weird but, can anyone?

please tell me what apple bottom jeans are? It is from the song "low" by Flo- Rida. plus I am a bit confused of what excatly the girl he is refering to is wearing, its is apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur plus baggy sweat pants with a strap? or is she coming in the club at different times wearing different things he is refering to sorry for the miss spelling

This may sound weird but, can anyone?
A type of jeans by Nelly (rapper) that is designed for women with big bottoms, or to accentuate a woman's butt. Leave a man to come up with something like that.

It's not just jeans though. Apple Bottom sells many other products. I have a bag from them.
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Reply:Thanks for picking me! Not sure about where to find the jeans, but I found the bag at Citi Trends. Report It

Reply:What about pear jeans, and watermelon jeans?
Reply:Apple bottoms jeans are jeans that are made to fit more curvy women.
Reply:Hailreds, How in the hell is that racist? Your a joke.
Reply:Lol, I wear apple bottom jeans. I have a pretty big round behind, and it looks strange because i'm a size 5 in juniors lol and 5'5 tall.
Reply:that's racist.

i think apple bottom jeans is a brand of jeans?


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