Monday, August 3, 2009

New York Sight seeing!!?

So im a 17 year old girl going to new york this summer. I love fashion, shopping and music. Just wanna know some places or things that I can get exclusively american..some of my freinds said to go see the rockerfeller centre and buy some apple bottom jeans (boots with the fur!) any other ideas? x

New York Sight seeing!!?
buy a ticket for the red buses. you can get on and off whenever you want and you get a night tour. it's phenomenal and you get great pictures (sit on top only). my family and i still have fun imitating the tour guides.
Reply:When I was 9, I went to new york. you could go to chelsea peir. they have great pretzels and shows.
Reply:The NYC Macys on broadway is pretty amazing. They sell just about every brand.

The shops in SoHo are a must.
Reply:Macys, Bloomingdales, American girl, ooh go to 5th avenue its expensive but its fun to look around, Times square touristy but fun and just go into random shops that you come across you may just be lucky!!! Have lots of fun and soak it all up!!! :D
Reply:Well I live an hour from NYC so I'll tell you what people usually like to buy there:

Eat out at a fancy restaurant,

Go to Chinatown and buy those see-through slippers with the decorative beads on them

Go shopping for nice clothes, like apple bottom jeans, and maybe get a I%26lt;3NY t-shirt/sweatshirt I love those

Definetly go to Rockefeller and Madison Square Garden, even Central park if you can I love it there

Just walk around and enjoy everyone! Maybe if there is a street preformer have fun watching that and throw out $5

Have fun!
Reply:i agree you can definately find same really unique stores in soho i absolutely lovveeeee new york

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