Monday, August 3, 2009

Locking eyes.... lol i have a question?

ok so i'm a senior in high school and there is this girl who is really pretty..shes a junior. she dresses with "apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur" lol....yeah she's the preppy kinda girl and everything and i dress pretty average... i like wearin preppy stuff too though, like hollister and button up shirts and stuff like that. yeah so i've never even talked to this girl or anything.. but i do see her around school a lot though.. but the thing is everytime i see her we always lock eyes.. lol it's kinda weird because for her its obvious that i was lookin at her... but another thing is that i'm pretty sure she is out of my league because she's the popular type of girl and i just hang out with the school varsity soccer team.(best friend is captain) yeah so do you think its just a coencedence(i know i didnt spell it right lol) or do you think she might think i'm a pretty "cool" guy? yeah so let me know ur opinion... lol thanks

Locking eyes.... lol i have a question?
Popular girl? %26lt;makes face%26gt; sry, anyway, so...Hollister, and so on. Yeah, she may think you are cute, and girls like to date older people b/c they think it's cool, so yeah. Start friendly, and gradually grow. Good luck! :)
Reply:maybe not man!look my cousin is not that good looking man and his girl is a hottie so i ask him how he does it and he says if all u hit on is hot chicks ur bound to land one.don't settle and don't think she's out of ur league bro.go for it, and if she tells u that she is out of ur league convince her that swimming with sharks is fun and move on!lol good luck bro!
Reply:lol i think she likes u if u always lock eyes! i think u should go for her! and remember no girl is out of your league or to good for u! and if they think they r then they r not right for u. u have the right to go after any1 u want! i think u should talk to her. even if "accidently" talk to her some how!

best of luck!
Reply:she must like ya

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