Monday, August 3, 2009

Song competiton?

whoever tells me wht the name of these songs are and hu sings it first gets best answer

eg 'smack tht all on the floor smack that giv me some more"

smack that- Akon would b the right answer

here they r

"apple bottom jeans jeans boots with the fur wit the fur the whole club was lookin at her"

"Hey shwaty its ur birthday we gonna party like its ur birthday we gonna sip bacardi like its ur birthday

"up in the hoe watch me crank it watch me roll watch me crank tht ............ then superman tht hoe

"ohhhhhhhhhh i like it like this i like i like it like tht, cmon lets shake wht ya mama gave ya"

i like the way u do tht right ..... right ..... swing ur hips when ur walkin let down ur hurr down ur hurr

i like the way u do the right ..... right........ lik ur lips when ur tlkin let down ur hurr down ur hurr"

Song competiton?
1.T-Pain: Low

2.50 Cent: In Da Club

3.Soulja Boy: Crank Dat


5.Chingy: Right Thurr
Reply:those sound like some stupid songs
Reply:The only one I can make out would be the last one

that was in the movie Knocked up -the song they were dancing too
Reply:1 Low- Flo Rida

2 In Da Club- 50 Cent

3 Crank Dat- Soulja Boy (Tell 'Em)

4 :[[[

5 Right Thurr- Chingy

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