Monday, August 3, 2009

Wat the hell are apple-bottom jeans?

Ok u know the song Low rite?

well u know the part where Flo Rida and T-Pain are all like:

"-shawty had dem apple-bottom jeans, boots wit da fur (da furr) the whole club waz looking @ her-"

wat r those jeans tight around da ankle or wat?

hey wat do they look like someone plz tell me

Wat the hell are apple-bottom jeans?
Jeans for girls with an onion booty.
Reply:to be honest i have no idea
Reply:Apple Bottom Jeans are jeans made by Nelly. Apple Bottom is the clothing line. Its like for girls with big butts.
Reply:they are jeans by nelly
Reply:Jeans for ghetto girls with big as*es.

And they are not just for people with big butts - there are pleanty of other brands that specialize in that, but Apple-Bottoms are for that 'ghetto' look.
Reply:Apple Bottom Jeans are a brand of jeans created by the singer/rapper Nelly. Apple Bottom is also a brand of clothing for women.

Here is the website:

Hope I helped. =]
Reply:its hot. i own a pair. it makes your *** look like apple bottoms. :D sexxy.
Reply:its a clothing line
Reply:to get the best description go to google images and search"apple bottom jeans"
Reply:it's a brand of jeans. I think it's for girls that have a big butt. I tried them on once because i thought they were for girls with flat butts (like me). But they totally didn't fit. I have to wear the bubbles bubble bun boyshorts to get a good butt in my!
Reply:They are just reallt tight jeans that are a lil short and the pockets are in the shape of an apple and usually the but looks big in all of the advertisements!
Reply:lmao its jeans that black girls wear.

its a brand.
Reply:tere jean 4 people that hav big butts
Reply:they're jeans usually black girls wear (the jeans that make ur butt look EXTRA, its a clothing line, they don't make just jeans, though. im not sure who it's by, though. i think its Nelly...idk
Reply:they are jeans for people with huge butts.

get it? got it? goooood.

also because f you look at the butt, you can see her butt cheeks kind of go down then up then down again which looks like an APPLE!!
Reply:Do you know Nelly the rapper? It's his jeans label for girls with big butts.
Reply:Apple Bottom Jeans are Jeans made by the rapper Nelly. Apple Bottom is the clothing line. Its like for girls with big butts. its really popular in the urban community.
Reply:they are a company tht makes jeans. if you go to macys they are sold there


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